Western Kansas MAST Program

Farm Credit of Western Kansas is pleased to be associated with the Kansas State University Department of Agricultural Economics MAST Program.

MAST - Distance Education for Farmers and Ranchers

The MAST Program combines new information and decision-making tools with distance education for geographically isolated farmers and ranchers, ag lenders, and agribusiness professionals.

Participant Benefits:
Better Management Skills
New Decision-Making Tools
Peer Networking
Increased Profits
Strategic Planning
How the Program Works:

MAST begins with a two-day workshop on the K-State campus where program participants are introduced to key management tools and concepts to be emphasized in the program. For the next three months, participants learn through distance education methods, and progress through several learning modules focusing on various farm management tools and their application. After completing the distance education portion of the program, participants return for a final two-day program that will emphasize applying tools and concepts to their individual farm situations.

MAST is a program that gives 21st century producers the management tools and business planning models to deal with the changing agriculture environment. Farm Credit of Western Kansas supports the program by paying one half of the $900 program fee for any Association members that participate in the program.

For more information please visit the program website: www.agmanager.info/MAST